About Us

Our strategy is to understand our customers’ requirements and production environment and then to partner with companies and technologies, in order to deliver fit-for-purpose solution, in order to guarantee our customers, the outcome they require.

Our Goals

TFT’s goal is to create true commercial value for the customers by enabling our customers to manage, control and minimize the inherent risks that typical affect companies who utilise man and machinery.

Our Aim

We aim to always put our customer’s requirements first and to always conduct ourselves in a positive, responsible and enthusiastic manner.

Our promise: To always uphold our values and strive to provide our customers with unrivalled service delivery and exceptional product quality and value.

We understand that our customers are continuously judged by the highest standards. The facilities they care for are expected to always be safe, environmentally sound and profitable (even though this is ever-changing & never-ending).

Our Views

Honoring our Company Values will always take top priority.

  • Work safe, be safe and make sure that everybody else does as well
  • Strive to be the best in everything we do and be proud of the products, services and/or solutions we delivered
  • Persevere through trying times and be motivated by accomplishments
  • Show respect, compassion and understanding toward others
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